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Electric Car Guest Drive - you get to drive

Posted 04.02.2014 in Articles by Christopher

The Electric Car Guest Drive is a series of meet-up style gatherings hosted by EV Quorum car club. The purpose of Electric Car Guest Drive is to give folks an opportunity to socialize, learn about and drive electric cars in non-sales setting. Guests talk to real owners about their experience owning and driving electric cars. It’s a picnic in the park, not an expo or sales event. 

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If you’ve ever wanted to guest drive a Tesla Model S or other electric car, this is for you. The club is offering the opportunity to guest drive at least six different electric vehicles in a single afternoon. Some events will have more cars. The cars are provided by individual club members. Sometimes carmakers will bring cars that are not yet released or that we don’t have in the club. All cars on display are for "show and tell". There are no salespeople and there is nothing for sale.

The club meets on a grass field area next to the area where the cars are parked. This is a family friendly event where bocci ball, frisbee and other kid-friendly activities are all part of the fun. Some refreshments - water and light snacks are available. Family picnics are welcome, bring a blanket and lunch if you wish.

Attendance at the events is free of charge, however, an RSVP through our registration form is required.  If you would like to drive other members’ cars, you need to be an EV Quorum car club member, which is just $20. The membership fee helps support the club and pays for the insurance, which is required for group events at parks. A one year subscription to Electric Car Insider magazine and admission to other club events is included in your club membership. Drivers can join through the second screen on our registration form.  Joining the club ensures an opportunity to drive the Tesla Model S and other electric cars provided by club members.

Twelve events have been held throughout California so far this year. More events in California and throughout North America will be held this summer and fall.

The cars in the Guest Drive are provided by individual club members. Shade canopies and signage are provided by EV Quorum car club and Electric Car Insider Magazine. Additional signs and educational materials are provided by the makers of charging equipment and other gear on display at the show. Several of the events are co-hosted by local Electric Auto Association chapters and other local electric car clubs.


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