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What is EV Quorum?

Posted 06.22.2014 in Articles by Christopher

EV Quorum is the car club that organizes the Electric Car Guest Drives. The purpose of EV Quorum is to provide a forum for EV drivers to share information and socialize.

The idea was inspired as a result of the remarkable courtesy I experienced from other EV drivers at charge stations. On numerous occasions, another driver gave me the opportunity to go ahead of them when they learned that I just needed a half hour or so to get to my destination, usually heading home after a long day of running around town. They would say "go ahead of me, just plug me in when you're finished. I'll be (shopping/eating/whatever) for a while anyway." I felt like I was part of a real community, and it reminded me of the very early days of PCs and of the Internet in the early 90s. The people who drove EVs seemed think of them as more than just transportation or a product.


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