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The Bingo Board

Whenever you log in you will be directed to the bingo board / dashboard. This is your home base. Here you can keep track of which tasks you have completed and which ones are next on your journey towards purchasing or leasing an electric car.

User Dashboard


Your Journey

The “My Journey” tiles show you a typical progression from introduction to EVs all the way to purchasing your own EV. These pages give you summaries with a list of links you can check out along that journey.


Your Roadmap

The topics along the left column give you overviews of the different stages towards your goal.

In the “Engagement” section you will find introductory information and can determine what type of car is most suited to your lifestyle.


“Learn about EVs” gives you information and options for hands-on experience, such as Electric Car Guest Drives.


If you run into any challenges, the “Overcome Obstacles” section has detailed information about the most common issues encountered by new EV drivers, and a help desk option for additional questions.


The “Buy an EV” stage presents the nuts and bolts of tax credits and rebates, tips on how to negotiate with dealers and more.


One you have picked or purchased an EV the “Charging” section helps you understand the different option available to you.


But the journey doesn’t usually end there, as friends and colleagues ask questions about your new car. In the "Community" section you will find reference materials and can locate local clubs to get connected with other EV owners.


Keep Track of Your Progress

The individual tiles on the dashboard can change color depending on whether you just started or completed a topic.

Progress Tiles

The colors signify:

  • GRAY - Information is available, but has not yet been looked at
  • BLUE - Task has been started
  • YELLOW - Task is next on the journey
  • RED - Task is urgent (like a scheduled event)
  • GREEN - Task has been completed

Some color changes are system generated. For example, the EV Basics Guide Tile will turn automatically green as soon as you have downloaded the Basics Guide.

You can keep track of your own progress with the Progress Status buttons on each of the tile pages. Here you can pick the status for each topic and override any automatically generated color changes.


Start Here

Go to the EV Basics Guide tile and download the EV Basics Guide. It will give you a great overview of all the important topics, from the difference between electric and hybrid cars, through incentives, charging and cost savings.

Next Tasks

EV Basics Guide

And at any time feel free to explore the program and choose the topics that interest you most.